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Trying to decide whether to order a budget or premium tyre? Here is a run down on the differences to help you decide.

Fundamentally all tyres sold in the UK are required to conform to a set of strict minimum standards, ensuring a level of safety and reliability.

Budget tyres

When we talk about a budget tyre we mean a tyre that has been developed to a very particular price point. This is reflected in the quality and durability of the materials used, the overall performance of the tyre and cost of the tyre itself.

Budget tyres are developed to be produced as cheaply as possible whilst adhering to the minimum legal standards of the country they are being distributed in.

Premium tyres

By contrast a premium tyre will be developed with only one thing in mind - producing the best tyre possible. As the end cost of the tyre isn’t the primary focus a much higher quality of materials will be used to ensure top end performance and durability. As well as this innovative technology is often used in their design and development to produce an ever higher standard of tyre.

Why we recommend premium tyre brands

Whilst all tyres sold in the UK will conform to a minimum standard, we believe that there is no substitute for a premium tyre. Offering better longevity, durability and performance, a premium tyre can often make much of its costs back compared to a budget tyre by requiring fewer replacements.

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