Car Brakes in Reading

Have your brakes checked at MD Tyres and Auto Services for a complete check across the entire braking system.

Brake checks with MD Autos

Your brakes are one of the most important component parts of your vehicle, it is vital that they are in the proper working condition at all times.

There are a number of symptoms to look out for that indicate an issue with your brakes such as:

  • Screeching, grinding, squealing, rubbing and similar noises.
  • Vibrating through the steering wheel.
  • Having to press down further than normal on the brake pedal.
  • A burning smell after braking.

If you notice any of these symptoms then it is essential that you have your brakes checked out by an expert as soon as possible. At MD Tyres and Auto Services we are true industry experts in everything including wheels, brakes, suspension and alignment making us the ideal workshop to assist with the maintenance and repairs to your brakes.

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